User access levels in the Merchant Center

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There are four different user access levels in the Merchant Center:

  • Standard: Users can access the Merchant Center account and everything in it except for the Users and Merchant Center programs tabs.
  • Admin: An account admin has standard access and can also edit, delete, or add user roles in the Users tab.
  • Google Customer Reviews Manager: Users at this access level only have access to the Google Customer Reviews interface within the Merchant Center. The Google Customer Reviews interface is by default accessible to Standard and Admin users.
  • Email contacts: Users at this access level do not have account access but do receive emails.

An Admin user has the most rights in the Merchant Center and is the only user who can add, edit, or remove other users in the Account access settings. To check whether you are an Admin user, go to the Tools menu in the Merchant Center. If you see Account access listed under Settings, you are an Admin user. 

All users can verify and claim their account’s website, but only Admin users can switch the account to another CSS. To learn about switching to Shoparize CSS, please read our article about it. 

account access in the merchant center

Add, remove, and edit users

If you happen to be an Admin user, you can add new users to your Merchant Center account by sending them an invitation. Before adding a new user, make sure they provide you with their Google account. Without a Google account, the user cannot receive the account invitation. 

To add a new user, go to Tools, Settings, Account access in the Merchant Center. Click on the + button to enter the Google email address of the person you want to invite. After clicking on Add user, you can choose which access level to give the new user. 

The Account access menu in the Merchant Center is also the place to edit a user’s access level. All users are listed under the Users tab along with their email addresses. 

account access levels in the merchant center

Click on the email address of the user you wish to edit. Under User access, choose which level of access this person should have.

user access levels in the merchant center

On the same page, you can also select the Merchant Center emails you want this user to receive or remove the user from the Merchant Center completely.

merchant center emails

You can also remove yourself from a Merchant Center account. This is only possible if you don’t have an Admin role or if another Admin user is associated with the account. To remove yourself from the Merchant Center, go to Settings, Preferences and click Remove access

CSS access in the Merchant Center

CSS users can access associated Merchant Center accounts if the account access settings in the CSS Center are set to Admin access to Merchant Center or Standard access to Merchant Center. The user access for CSS users must also be enabled as Admin or Standard in the Merchant Center account. This is required because both settings must apply for a CSS to gain access to your Merchant Center. You stay in control of access to your account. To learn more about the CSS dashboard and how to select the CSS partner to represent you in free listings or place your products outside of Europe, read our article on this topic.

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