The success story of Comercial Alfer

Comercial Alfer is a company dedicated to providing Catering and Food Machinery for professionals. With their wide range of equipment, they assist cafes, restaurants, pizzerias, butchers and bakeries. Comercial Alfer is located and focusses distribution in Spain.

Comercial Alfer was working with Google Shopping CSS and was unaware of the benefits of working with a CSS partner before Shoparize reached out to them. Like any commercial organization, Comercial Alfer was open to receiving more revenue and therefore, chose Shoparize as their premium CSS partner.

Comercial Alfer ran six campaigns simultaneously. Their goal was to gain clicks and conversion while maintaining or lowering CPC’s across all their campaigns. Shoparize assisted Comercial Alfer in creating the best Shopping ads strategy for their multiple campaigns.

In this case study, you will find the results of their switch to Shoparize CSS segmented per campaign. This study compares the period before switching to Shoparize CSS, from April 20th till May 31st, to the period after the switch, from July 1st till July 12th.

Results per campaign

Lavado’s (washing equipment) clicks increased 30%, while the CPC decreased almost 6%. The conversion rate grew by 45%.
A 18% increase in clicks appeared in the Hosteleria (hospitality) campaign. There was a slight increase in CPC, namely 5%, and conversion grew 20%. Upon switching to Shoparize CSS, the 20% margin that Google Shopping CSS withholds no longer applies.  The CPC increase led to a higher ranking within Google’s Ad auction, because bids were unchanged for this campaign.

The Registradoras (cash registers and terminals) campaign saw a Click increase of 69% and a CPC decrease of 28%. On top of that, the conversion grew 100%.

Maquinaria de frio’s (refrigeration machinery) clicks increased by 36%, while CPC decreased by 26%, and the conversion increased 111%.

Desinfeccion de salas (disinfection) saw a Click increase of 51%. CPC decreased 18% and conversion increased 45%. 

The Carniceria pesada (heavy duty meat processing equipment) campaign resulted in 16% more clicks, a CPC increase of 39% and a conversion increase of 38%. Just like the Hosteleria campaign, the CPC increase led to a higher ranking within Google’s Ad auction because bids were unchanged for Carniceria pesada. 

For all six campaigns, conversion increased significantly. Comercial Alfer is very pleased with these results. 

Joining Shoparize’s self-managed CSS means that you keep full control over your shopping campaigns while benefiting from Shoparize’s premium consulting services and premium customer support.  We would love to help you grow your business by improving the performance of your Google Shopping Campaigns. If you would like to know more about all the things we can offer, reach out to us at