The 2022 essential shopping dates calendar

Since the pandemic continues to encourage shoppers to buy online, holiday-specific promotions and discounts are becoming more important than ever.
Here are essential shopping dates for 2022 so you can prepare accordingly and make 2022 your most profitable year yet.


01/01/2022 – New year, new resolutions. Build your campaigns around these resolutions, like offering 30-day challenges, fresh-start kits and special discounts. 


14/02/2022 – Love is in the air this month with Valentine’s day. Build your campaign around love and focus on special Valentines day promotions


20/03/2022 – Today we welcome the first day of spring! Boost your performance with seasonal promotions and discounts. 

27/03/2022 – Depending on where you live, Mother’s Day may be celebrated this month. In the UK this special day is celebrated on the 27th of March. 


17/04/2022 – Easter Sunday puts us in the mood for eggs, easter bunnies and lots of sweets. This is the perfect time to focus on decorative material and themed foods. If that is not something you sell in your online store, you can still use this day for some themed products, campaigns and promotions. 


08/05/2022 – For most European countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of May. Make sure to build your campaign around this day and think about Mother’s Day promotions. 


All over the world, this month is recognized as Pride Month. Inclusivity and freedom should be themes to be honoured throughout the entire year by paying attention to these themes within your campaigns and promotions.

19/06/2022 – Father’s Day is celebrated on this date in the US, most European countries, Canada, China and Japan. Double-check this date since the date depends on where you are in the world. 

21/06/2022 – This day marks the first day of summer! Boost your performance with this season’s related promotions and discounts. 


For most people, July equals summer holidays. Although travel might still be difficult, that doesn’t mean this month cannot be celebrated. Use this to your advantage by focussing on summer promotions or travel-themed products. 


Back to school! August is all about preparations for the new school year. Use back-to-school promotions and discounts to focus on school-related products.


22/09/2022 – Summer makes room for fall on this day. Take advantage of this by focusing your campaigns and promotions around this season. 


31/10/2022 – October is all about Halloween-themed promotions. Use this day for some fun themed campaigns and promotions. 


11/11/2022 – Single’s day is rapidly gaining popularity as a celebration for being single and pursuing self-care. This day was originally invented by well-known e-commerce platform Alibaba and quickly caught up to Black Friday. Make sure you mark this essential shopping date in your calendar! 

25/11/2022 – The day all merchants look forward to is Black Friday. Make sure to plan ahead and start preparing your Black Friday campaigns at least a month in advance. 

28/11/2022 – After Black Friday, get ready for Cyber Monday. Some retailers are known for offering even bigger discounts on this day compared to Black Friday. 


21/12/2022 – Fall makes room for winter. Take advantage of this by focusing your campaigns and promotions around this season. 

25 & 26/12/2022 – Christmas is one of the most commercial holidays of the year. Focus your campaigns and promotions on gift-giving, family and love.

31/12/2022 – Wrap up the year with a New Year’s Eve campaign. Focus on special end-of-the-year promotions, and any products that can be used for the new year ahead.

Mark these essential shopping dates in your e-commerce calendar and start planning today! If you want to learn more about getting ready for essential Shopping dates, read this articleRemember, these are the most well-known holidays. Make sure to check any other holiday that might be interesting for your business.

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