Switching from Google Shopping CSS to a CSS partner – changes in support and the Merchant Center

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

If you worked with Shopping ads before the introduction of the CSS Partner program, you probably received help from a Google account manager. Things changed when Google launched the CSS program, and Google account managers were no longer able to assist merchants with their Shopping ads. Because Google Shopping CSS became a separate Google business after the antitrust violations in 2017, even merchants working with Google Shopping were assigned to another account manager representing Google Shopping CSS. 

Thanks to a waiver, Premium CSS partners like Shoparize still receive support from Google account managers. Through this waiver, Shoparize can still ask questions related to Shopping ads and communicate the answers to their merchants. As a merchant, you want to commit to a CSS — like Shoparize — that has this CSS Premium partner status. Premium CSS partners receive more support from Google and can therefore better support their merchants. 

Issues like policy violations, disapprovals, and account suspensions can be treated by either your CSS partner or Google Shopping ads support. Google Shopping ads support still supports merchants with issues like these via their Google Ads Help form. You can also find many frequently answered questions, guides, and checklists on the Google Ads support page.

The bottom line is that Shoparize CSS is a Premium CSS partner. Merchants can count on operational and strategic support and receive Google’s support through Shoparize CSS. 

What exactly changed?

Unless merchants have questions about or need help with account-related issues, they no longer receive hands-on Shopping support from a Google account manager. The merchant’s CSS partner helps the merchant with all other matters within operational and strategic support, including campaigns, performance, and new features. This applies equally to  merchants who advertise through Google Shopping CSS and those who do not. Both receive support from their Google CSS support team rather than directly from a Google account manager. The support structure is therefore the same with a CSS partner as with Google Shopping CSS.

Google still supports Premium CSSs through a dedicated support channel (waiver). Premium CSS partners like Shoparize receive more support from Google than non-Premium partners. The benefits include consultation, workshops, training, and more. As a result, Premium Google CSS Partners can support their merchants more effectively. 

What changes in the Merchant Center?

In the top-right corner of your Merchant Center account, you can see which CSS you are currently using to place Shopping ads on Google’s general search result pages. When you change from Google Shopping CSS to a CSS Partner, you can verify that the change is completed when the new CSS replaces the old one in the top-right corner.


Whether you are working with Google Shopping CSS or a CSS partner, the support structure is the same. The merchant’s CSS partner handles all operational and strategic support. As mentioned, a Premium Google CSS partner receives more support from Google and can therefore better support its merchants. It is key to check if the CSS partner you plan to commit to is a Premium partner. 

Shoparize CSS is a Premium CSS partner, which means Google support will remain active through Shoparize. We have a skilled team of experienced account managers who are always available to help. We provide support for feed and campaign optimization and for all questions and issues, including 24/7 troubleshooting. If you would like to learn how to switch your account from one CSS to another, read our article on this topic. If you are ready to switch to Shoparize CSS, follow the steps in this article or reach out to us. 

If you have any questions about this topic, or to receive more information about Shoparize’s support, please reach out to us at css@shoparize.com.