Migrating your account from one CSS to another

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

A Merchant Center account can only be linked to one CSS at a time. If you would like to switch to a different CSS while keeping your existing Merchant Center account, your account can be migrated to the new CSS. Both CSSs must consent to this migration. 

Because your Merchant Center account manages which CSS your ads and free listings are linked to, you do not need to migrate your Google Ads account. A Google Ads campaign will automatically be associated with a CSS when product data from a Merchant Center account connected with that CSS is used in the campaign.

Serving surfaces

When migrating to another CSS, make sure that in the new CSS you opt in to serving ads on Display remarketing (appealing ad formats used to attract shoppers who previously visited your website) and to surfaces beyond general search. If you don’t opt in, your ads will only show on Google’s general search results pages. Shoparize CSS is opted in for both.

Free listings and product placement outside Europe

Only one CSS can place products for you in Shopping ads and free listings outside Europe. You can choose and change this CSS in your CSS dashboard.

CSS countries 

Make sure you don’t have any product data in your Merchant Center for countries where the new CSS is not available. If the new CSS does not place ads and free listings in certain countries, your ads and free listings will stop serving in those countries. You can ask the new CSS to create a new Merchant Center account for product data for the countries where the CSS program is available. 

To place ads and free listings in countries where the CSS program is not available, you can create a new Merchant Center account with Google Shopping for product data for non-CSS-program countries. You can still migrate to the new CSS for all product data for CSS-program countries. 


Two setups are possible when you migrate your Merchant Center account from one CSS to another:

  1. The CSS automatically gains access to your account when you migrate your account as a sub-account to the CSS’s multi-client account. Migrating as a sub-account means that you give the CSS an administration role and therefore access to your APIs. Product and feed updates can then be processed directly, ensuring that your products are always accurately presented on the CSS websites.


      2. The CSS does not automatically gain access to your account when you migrate your account as a stand-alone account. This means that the CSS will not have an administrator role and product and feed updates will not be processed directly.

We recommend you set up your account as a sub-account of the CSS’s multi-client account. This will allow your products to be accurately represented on the CSS website. 


We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions about migrating to another CSS or to Shoparize CSS in particular, please reach out to us at css@shoparize.com. If you are ready to make the switch to Shoparize CSS, please read our article explaining the steps. If you are switching from Google Shopping CSS and are curious about the changes in support and your Merchant Center account, you can find answers in this article.