Drive incremental sales with Shoparize CSS

Shoparize is a premium CSS Partner who offers fully managed CSS services on a fully transparent commission model. You only ever pay us if we deliver on a sale – at a commission rate of your choosing. No retainers, hidden fees or long term contracts. Just commission on sales.

Increase your overall sales & profit

Whether you are already running your own Google Shopping campaigns, Shoparize CSS can run in parallel to drive incremental sales for your business. Our goal is to maximize profit from Google Shopping for our partners. We trust that our expertise will deliver additional profit to your current Google Shopping activity.

Commission only & control ROI

We value transparency & innovation. By using our premium CSS managed service, we only charge a fixed commission when a sale is actually made. You will have full control over your ROI in Google Shopping by setting your desired CPA (Commission percentage%). You do not pay for clicks or impressions which do not lead to conversions.

Feed- & campaign optimization

Shoparize CSS handles all the product feed management. We use machine learning techniques to optimize your product data, having a positive impact on your impression share which leads to incremental sales.

Win marketshare with Shoparize

Running Google Shopping campaigns through Shoparize CSS in parallel with your in-house activity gives you the opportunity to win market share on your competitors without raising your own CPC’s.

Contact us for a 2 weeks test period

Start generating incremental sales on a no-risk (CPS) model. Test period is possible and our service is always daily cancellable, no strings attached.

Gain full control over your ROI in Google Shopping by setting your preferred commission % in your affiliate program. Sounds interesting? Please contact us, and we will reply back to you the same day.

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Why Retailers Pick Shoparize

As your performance partner, we use shopping data and innovative AI to drive incremental sales you wouldn’t normally see. You only ever pay us if we deliver you a sale – at a commission rate of your choosing. No upfront fees, no minimum spends and full transparency. Even if you have existing online advertising running, you can benefit from our incremental sales that won’t conflict with your current campaigns.

Work with Shoparize and let us be the vehicle to help you to grow faster.

We’ll take your Ad performance to a new level: Technology + Insights = Incremental results.
It’s a formula we’ve used over and over again to solve complex traffic acquisition problems for 35,000+ retailers around the world. And the results are pretty impressive…

that we are helping to maximize their online performance

uploaded in Google Shopping and listed on

every year and growing exponentially


Looking to retain full control over your Google Shopping Ads?

We can provide you with a transparent self-service access to Google Shopping Ads. Switching from Google CSS to us will provide you with 20% bidding advantage on your campaigns. Our comprehensive and business intelligence support will help you to maximize your online performance.

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