How to create a multi-client account (MCA)

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

What is a multi-client account?

You will receive a new multi-client account (MCA) when you convert to an advanced account setup. With a Google Merchant Center advanced account setup, you can submit data feeds for multiple domains at a large scale as an individual or company. This basically means that you can upload feeds to multiple Google Merchant accounts with one multi-client account. 

Should you convert to an advanced account setup?

Most merchants will not need a multi-client account. This account is designed for managing multiple sellers and domains at a large scale. An advanced account setup may benefit you if any of the following apply:

  • You are an international retailer selling a product brand internationally. Your sales could be on one or multiple domains and online or in physical stores.
  • You are a merchant owning multiple brands and selling products on multiple domains, either online or in physical stores.
  • You identify as a marketplace — a platform where multiple merchants can sell their products.
  • You are an advertising agency consulting to merchants on SEO. You may occasionally create advertising campaigns for the merchants.
  • You are a store-builder platform that enables merchants to present and sell products by setting up an online store.
  • You are a channel partner enabling merchants to present their product offers on multiple channels.
How can you convert to a multi-client account?

To convert to an advanced account setup and receive a multi-client account, you must be an account admin. If you are not sure about your account access level, read this article to learn more. Please note that you cannot request conversion if your account is already a multi-client account or is a sub-account within a multi-client account. Your request will be rejected if you have an account-level policy violation.

Steps to convert to an advanced account:

  1. After logging in to your Merchant Center account, navigate to the Tools icon, Settings, Account settings.

account settings in Google Merchant Center   

  1. Click Advanced account setup on the Account settings page.
  2. Click Request conversion.
  3. Choose the options that most accurately describe your business. You can find the business definitions under “Should you convert to an advanced account setup?”
  4. Click Request conversion.

Please note that requests can take a few days to complete. If you want to check the status of your request, you can do so in the Account settings page. 

You will receive a new MCA when you convert to an advanced account setup. This means that your current Merchant Center account will transfer to a sub-account of this MCA.

How can I verify and claim my website under a multi-client account?

Google recommends that MCA owners verify and claim the website URL using the advanced account setup’s parent account login email. The top-level domain must usually be verified and claimed by the parent MCA.

To learn how to verify and claim URLs specifically for sub-accounts linked to multiple websites or sub-account URLs that are sub-hosts under the MCA claimed URL tree, visit this Google support page.

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