Case study: Conrad .se .it .fr .dk

Quick learnings

What was learned in this case
  • For all countries, CPC’s decreased and/or clicks increased depending on the bidding strategy.
  • The migration to Shoparize CSS was seamless, without data loss or downtime.
  • Together, Conrad’s Italian, French, Danish and Swedish markets gained 19.200 clicks after migrating to Shoparize CSS with the same budget.
  • CPC’s decreased between 13% and 26%.
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Conrad manages to lower their CPC while increasing Clicks and Sales with the same budget

Conrad is Europe’s leading digital B2B sourcing platform with over 750.000 technical products. With their one-stop-shop, they offer a comprehensive assortment of products and services to companies all over Europe. Conrad chose Shoparize CSS as their premium CSS partner due to Shoparize’s premium customer support and market coverage within the European Union member countries.
Collaborating with Shoparize CSS, Conrad was able to develop an improved Google Shopping Campaign strategy. Conrad’s primary objective was to lower their campaign’s CPC while increasing clicks within the Italian, French, Danish and Swedish markets.
Working within Shoparize’s self-service model, Conrad was able to manage their own product feeds and shopping campaigns. Additionally, Shoparize provided consulting services to assist Conrad with all of their Google Shopping Ads activities. Conrad had direct access to reporting in their Google Merchant Center and Google Ads account, while Shoparize was able to provide professional insights on the performance of their campaigns.

Conrad’s ad reports were being monitored by Mark de Geus, Head of Performance Marketing for the Italian, Swedish, Danish and French markets. The migration from Google Shopping CSS to Shoparize CSS was seamless and without any friction. Conrad immediately observed the 20% bid advantage upon switching to Shoparize CSS. The results of the partnership between Conrad and Shoparize CSS are clearly displayed below.

Let's talk numbers


Sweden saw a decrease in CPC of 21% and an increase in clicks by 10%.


Italy’s CPC decreased by 26% while the clicks increased by 22%. Overall sales increased by 297%.


The CPC in France increased by 20% and it was the only country where the CPC increased. When switching to Shoparize CSS, the 20% margin that Google Shopping CSS withholds no longer applies. So within the French market, bids were unchanged, leading to a higher placement within Google’s Ads auction. However, Conrad received significantly more clicks, with an increase of 23% which resulted in an increase in revenue by 39%.


Denmark’s CPC decreased by 13% while the clicks remained stable. Denmark’s strategic focus was to lower costs, not to gain clicks. To achieve this goal, Conrad decreased their bids by 10% resulting in a lower CPC, reducing Conrad’s campaign costs.


Conrad was very satisfied that these results were achieved within their original budget. These types of results have led to a successful partnership between Conrad and Shoparize CSS (formerly for over 7 years and counting.

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"Shoparize is a real partner for us"

Shoparize is a real partner for us: Great support with any technical and strategic questions, and always transparent in collaborations.

Tim van Hout
From the agency Booming
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