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Our Expertise is Team-Driven

We pride ourselves on building strong, knowledgeable, diverse teams of experts who find purpose in helping merchants grow and supporting one another to achieve these aspirations. We create and nurture an environment where individual growth can exist while we excel as a team and ultimately, as a company. We find that important balance between work and personal life while maintaining respect and admiration between the hard work to achieve our goals at Shoparize.

Values Create Value

Values remind us of why we began this journey and what keeps us going. Our values are built into our products. They are there to welcome new employees and help guide our customers. These values are the foundation of Shoparize.


Our most important value asset is trust. We understand that our customers instill trust by handling their e-commerce business. Trust is built through honest communication, setting the right level of expectation and taking responsibility for the good and, sometimes, the not so good.


Building trust is a team effort. Our customer obsession and dedication has been forged from strong relationships and promises made with our partners. Taking care of our employees directly translates to the superior customer service to help guide our merchant’s aspirations.


Infrastructure is the bedrock to our customer’s success. Analytical decisions, an atmosphere of curiosity through ideation is our innovative secret. We pride ourselves on our product offerings to build a better, more competitive future to grow with our customers.


We love what we do. Our passion is contagious that inspires our colleagues and customers. Success requires resilience. Listening as well as understanding perspectives is key to effective communications and respect to each other is a cultural cornerstone at Shoparize.

"Our values make Shoparize. They are the building blocks of our success."

Dirk Verburg - Founder / CEO
"Our values make Shoparize. They are the building blocks of our success."
Dirk Verburg
Founder / CEO

Our People are Shoparize

We believe that when you are engaged, you do your best work. When you do your best work, our customers directly benefit. 

Employee Support

We take pride in our people and how we live our lives. That is why we support remote roles with office-free onboarding and work practices that fit today’s realities.

Supporting Families

We support our families and welcome growing families with government backed parental and maternity leave policies.

Education to Grow

We encourage continuing education to ensure and maintain our institutional knowledge and domain expertise.

Relocation Assistance

We provide relocation services to assist families to join our family in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Flexible Work Environment

Freedom and work flexibility that is customizable based on the needs of our employees.

Attracting Talent

Our hiring practices center around our values. We seek not only the best talent but pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion. By creating an environment of equal opportunity, our communities prosper through respect and support for our fellow co-worker.

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Our values are our company, embedded in our ethos. 

It all starts at home, with the belief in the services and products we offer by our knowledgeable, passionate people who do their best work and support each other along the way.

We focus on working conditions that shape our community. The level of flexibility around where our employees work, centers around doing their best work. That means working remotely, coming into the office or any combination in between.

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