We are Shoparize

A Premium Google CSS Partner that offers Managed and Self-Service CSS with a high traffic Comparison Shopping website listing.

Shoparize’s superior customer service, with a merchant portal to feed and campaign optimization tools, easily adapts to merchant’s needs to drive incremental revenue, even while operating alongside another CSS.

Shoparize’s intelligent e-commerce platform is built to grow your business. We maximize our merchant’s online performance by giving shoppers the best online shopping experience.

Help grow businesses digitally

People are turning to digital platforms to find much needed products and services to help enrich their lives. The online shopping experience can be exciting due to the ease and access of consumer goods, but also frustrating at times. 

Our mission is to ease that frustration by taking out the uncertainty by providing the best shopping experience. We make merchants visible on different digital platforms in order to bring them high quality traffic and generate incremental revenue from sources they would otherwise not have found. We provide shoppers with a seamless shopping experience, while at the same time helping shoppers navigate the ever-growing retail internet space.

Our story...

Shoparize, originally Kiesproduct, was founded in 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Shoparize’s growth was fueled by shifting purchasing trends and confidence in consuming spending. This was when Shoparize learned best practices and grew within these experiences to the observed success today. The level of expertise in ad campaign optimization, feed optimization and campaign management were all developed as the industry sector matured.

Running successful campaigns is our number one priority, however, finding ways to help our customers by engaging in their success became our differentiator as a Comparison Shopping Service. Our attention to detail, superior customer support and innovative technology is what has set us apart from the rest.

Shoparize accounts for 23% of the Benelux region’s market share, and we are competitive throughout the 21 European Union member countries. We are only scratching the surface when it comes to our knowledge gain and hunger to grow the e-commerce market throughout Europe.

Expanding our suite of product offerings only continues to increase and sets us apart. The 2017 court ruling regarding Google’s monopolistic practices seen throughout the EU gave Shoparize a platform to rise above the standard industry sales proposition leading to superior customer service for our merchants.

Our responsibility to our customers and partners is ever present. Our company culture rewards teamwork and encourages employee commitment to community engagement with our partners. Because our work here is not finished, we continue to strive towards helping our customers grow their business throughout Europe and… who knows, maybe the rest of the world.

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